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鹤山赛威乐电子有限公司 / 鹤山市兴发线路板厂 是一家(jiā)专业生产多(duō)层、HDI线路板的企业,工厂房舊占地面积超过12000平方米,拥有行业先进的生产设备,年产量超过40万平方米,熱服为多(duō)家(jiā)上市公司提供高(gāo)质量的产品。公人路司凭借精湛的生产工艺,稳定的产品质量,贏得海内外(wài)客户的一拍紙致好评。




Heshan Chaoqian Electronic Technolog機工y Co., Ltd. / Heshan Xingfa Circuit 外暗Board Factory is an enterprise學對 specializing in the production of d行路ouble and multi-layer circuit boards放校. The factory covers an area of 海商more than 12,000 square meters, 高樂has advanced production equipme問跳nt in the industry, and has an annua爸姐l output of more than 400,000 錢窗square meters. High-quality produ音亮cts. With exquisite production techn好美ology and stable product quality, t吃歌he company has won unanimous praise f呢新rom customers at home and abroad.

Founded in 2001, the company is loca化中ted in Heshan City, a famous hometown黃窗 of overseas Chinese in China. The他體 325 National Highway passes by, 明車the Fokai Expressway runs through t器男he north and south, adjacent to Hong Ko通書ng and Macao, and within the o河答ne-hour economic circle of the P知吧earl River Delta, the water and land tr站件ansportation is very convenient.

The company has personnel department, 來嗎marketing department, engineering日綠 department, procurement department離舊, production department and qual場雨ity inspection department and other man看著agement agencies. The management is st這花rict, and it operates in strict 員站accordance with the management norms of明熱 the modern enterprise system. It 票機has high-quality professional and 件紙technical personnel and scientific res劇為earch personnel. , more than 200 emplo南火yees. The company has passed IS09001 些慢certification, and its products have al都錯so passed UL and ROHS certificati這商on, and has provided high-quality produ關跳cts and professional services fo舞船r many listed companies. Our pro動理ducts are widely used in high-tech 地雨fields such as communications, 都兵computer networks, digital products, i新答ndustrial control, medical, aerospa日睡ce and defense industries.

We have always been adhering to醫市 the entrepreneurial spirit of電新 being proactive, pioneering and我煙 innovative, insisting on quality a拍子ssurance, and always providing cust間森omers with high-quality circuit 請影board products. Customer satisfacti公機on is our aim.



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